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Importation Business; The Easiest & The Most Lucrative And Profitable Venture

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Although Importation business has been around for a while especially to the
rich and the affluent,
recently it is becoming popular in this part of the world.
importation business is one of the most affordable business and also one of
the most lucrative business with
profit of between 100% and up to 500% sometimes even more than that.
if done properly with the right information and knowledge, you can make it big
with this business.
for instance a blackberry bold5 phone can be imported for N12000 and sold for
and an android tablet can be imported for N10000 and sold for N20000.
But for you to make that type of profit however it is advisable to gain insight
from those who are doing the business.
however there are few things you must know before you venture into this
1. market research, you need to know what your potential customer want
2. cheap deal. you need to know how to buy discounted items and sell for huge
3. marketing. you also need to know how to market your items for maximum
anyone with informed and adequate knowledge of importation business is also
free to contribute.


very good tips

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