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How To Open,verify And Manage Nigeria Paypal Account Plus Support And Assistance

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Let's get started;
To open your Nigeria PayPal account for the first time,kindly cross-check
that you are on Nigeria IP because it is very paramount you open it on
Nigeria IP for the first time and as well be accessing it with Nigeria IP and
not just any IP.I've heard and seen Nigeria PayPal accounts limited and
permanently limited all because they opened it on IP different from that
of Nigeria which make use of Proxy Server technology that is strictly
against PayPal Terms of Service.
To always check and confirm your IP before and after opening it,do type
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] into the browser you want to use to make sure
you are on Nigeria IP.You can also train yourself with clearing all your
browsing histories including cookies on your browser before opening or
each time you want to access your PayPal account by clicking TOOLS >
CLEAR RECENT BROWSING HISTORY>Drop down the first item and select
EVERYTHING >Mark/tick all items in the item and finally click on CLEAR NOW
and allow it to load and then restart your browser if possible although that
is optional.
Once you've done that,you are ready to go and all you need to do is to
type [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] into your browser.Once it opens,fill the form
with your real details & then click on "Agree and create account" button.
After doing that,go to your e-mail you submitted to get a link to activate
your PayPal that must have been sent to your e-mail.Update your security
questions and answers noting them somewhere safe because those are the
details you will need to do most things like changing of password,change of
names and many other things.
Once you've done those things,that means you've successfully opened and
activated your PayPal account of which the next thing is to verify it.
To verify your PayPal account,you need either Visa or Mastercard that you
are sure of it billing address(your address you submitted when filling the form
that was given to you by your bank in order to open an account for you and
as well give you ATM card).Should in case you don't know or can't remember,
kindly visit your bank for it because the adding of your card to your paypal
account won't go through if not correct and also make sure you have at least
withdrawable N500 on your card because your card will be charge less than $2
by PayPal which will also be returned to your account.
Once you are ready and set with all what I've listed above,you are ready and
set to verify your PayPal account by following the simple steps below:
Firstly, log in to your paypal account and make sure you entered the correct
billing address for your card as I've said earlier on.
Secondly, check your email for the 'Welcome to Paypal' email sent into
the email address you used in opening your paypal account. There is a
'Link Your Card' link inside that email; click on that link, follow the prompt
and log into your paypal account.
In your account follow the step by step instruction making sure your card
details and billing address are correct, then click 'Continue'.
If your card details are correct, Paypal will deduct $1.95 from your account
with an instruction to look out from an alert from your bank in 2-3 days time.
My GTB alert took less than 1 hour to arrive on my phone.
The message in the bank alert goes thus " Acct""""""""""""""""""""8899 The
naira equivalent of USD 1.95 has been approved for the transaction done
on PP"8899CODE 5674314577 LU
Thirdly, Log back into your Paypal account and click either the 'Verify' tab at
the top of your paypal account statement or 'Confirm your card' link in the
right hand column of your Papal account.
Doing either of the two will take you to a window where you'll be required
to enter the four digit code in the alert message sent to you by your bank.
Enter the 4 digit numbers preceding CODE in the SMS alert; its 8899 in
the sample SMS given above.
After entering the 4 digit code in the space provide, scroll down and click
the 'Confirm Card' tab.
That's it!You Nigeria PayPal account has been verified.
You've successfully verified your Nigerian Paypal account and you can
now shop all over the world with that your ATM card without any merchant
turning you down each time you choose the Paypal payment option.
Verifying your account also lifts the limit off the $250 spending limit on
unverified accounts.
I hope this helps if you are having issues with verifying your Nigerian Paypal
Feel free to comment below if you need more
explanation,support or assistance and I will be so much glad and
available to be of great assistance to making sure that any of
your PayPal wahala and issues are resolved be it on Nigeria
PayPal or other countries PayPal account that can receive fund/
payment like that of USA,UAE & lots more.

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