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5 Computer Tips and Tricks you should never miss

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this tutorial will
show you how to become quick and savvy with
technology. It includes tips, advice, shortcuts and
useful procedures for saving time and solving
common issues while using a computer.
We’ve all had those moments when someone has
shown us how to do something on a computer and it
suddenly makes everything easier. Unfortunately,
we usually forget what they showed us later when
we need it. That’s what this tutorial is for. We hope
to create a list of common tips and tricks that
people can refer to whenever they need.
At this time we have lessons onKeyboard
Shortcuts, Mouse Shortcuts and Password Tips.
Over the next couple of months, i plan on adding
additional lessons to the topic.
Here are five popular tips from our current lessons that we think you will find helpful:
•1• When an application freezes on your
computer, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt
+Delete . This shortcut opens the Task
Manager where you can then select the
unresponsive application and quit it.
•2• Triple-click your mouse to select a URL in
your browser’s address bar. This makes it
easy to copy and paste the URL. You can also
triple-click a paragraph or double-click a
word for faster selecting.
•3• Need to find a word or phrase on a page with
lots of text? Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+F
and a search box will appear on the page. You
can then type the text you wish to find and it
will become highlighted on the page. If it
appears more then once, press Enter to move
to the next instance. This tip is especially
useful when trying to find something in a long
list of data.
•4• Can’t find a file or application that you
downloaded? Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl
+D to open your Downloads folder.
•5• Use a password manager like LastPass to
remember all your passwords. When you sign
into this application (with your master
password) it will automatically input
usernames and passwords into the sign on
pages for the accounts you use. It will even
generate strong passwords when you sign up
for new accounts.
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