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7 Reasons For Mass Failure In WAEC,SSCE,NECO And JAMB

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We got this via email from a Naijaloadites!! NB:- The content is unofficial…
Dear Nigerians, the reasons for mass failure of our teenagers in public exams are
not far fetched.
1 FACEBOOK,YAHOO,TWITTER,MYSPACE and generally browsing on the
internet instead of reading their books
is easy for an average nigerian teenager to know the names of all chelsea players
but same youths cannot tell you the square root 25 in mathematic. Worse still is
that these days instead of seeing inscriptions like UNIVERSITY or SCHOLARS
on the exercise books, what you see are pictures of
paloma,Drogba,Beyonce,Omotola etc
3 DSTV,Home video and african movie magic, watching television and films
endlessly.European champions league,English
premiership,Barca,Blues,Chelsea,MAN U etc
4 GSM and BLACKBERRY, the average nigerian teenager uses the latest and
expensive gsm phones just to show off that they belong,when they are actually
5 GSM TEXT LANGUAGE, I will not be surprised to see students write words
like ur (for YOUR), 2moro,2mao( For tomorrow) in their EXAM sheets
6 QUEST FOR CHEAP FAME AND WEALTH, The government,electronic
media(tv and radio) and companies have not been helpful at all.The average
Nigerian youth especially the girls want to BE silver Birds most beautiful Girl
and get cheap money and fame(Nobody has remembered all the previous miss
world,but we still remember MOTHER THERESA),they want to win IDOLS
WEST AFRICA, they want to be in NOLLYWOOD, they want to be TWO-
FACE,they want to win maltina street dance ,they want to win starquest and
Warning is that wealth gotten by vanity shall DIMINISH.
7 The new craze of TALENT SHOWS: Suddenly The only talents our youths
now have are music,dancing,acting and stand up comedies, they no longer have
talents for maths,physics and entrepreneurship.
Leave a comment!…..Share your thought about the speculations..
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