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[Must Read] “Act Like Matured Men”; Open Letter To Wizkid And Davido

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Dear Wizkid/ Davido,
Wizzy, Just like you sang “if you see me pass by…holla at your boy”
hmmmm….! I must say i can see you passing by a degrading path, as such you
leave me with little or no option than to holla at you and air my unreserved
opinion as regards your probable beef with Davido.
Life they say is turn by turn. The emergence of another hit maker like you does
not necessarily translate to the emergence of an enemy or competitor, just like
they say “the only competition worthy of a wise man is with himself”. Do not
allow fans and the media make enemies out of a flourishing “pair” who could
possibly pull a joint stunt of bringing home the Grammy.
Though you are WizKID, I must remind you that you ain’t a kid no more as such
leave the beef thing for kids and act like a matured man you should be now.
When you’ve got issues with someone who appears ready to bury the hatchet,
simply let bygones be bygones, after all we all break up to make up shey? So just
like your bro Davido rightly pointed out, remember you both are not going to
sing forever, as such I would advise both of you try and see beyond your nose
and do the needful.
On the other hand, Davido, just like you sang “….won fe da mi duro….” I must
point out to you that the beef game/hate will do you no good than to stop the
enviable pace at which you are moving if you allow it, so why give it a chance?
Throwing shades back at Wizzy about pulling of crowd and other stuffs only
made you sound lesser than your very self because such should be heard of
rookies and not young bosses like you both.
Remember, two wrongs don’t make a right dude.
The ability to ignore shades thrown at you, most especially when your name
can’t be boldly mentioned goes a long way to prove your level of maturity and
save you lots of distractions. Must you respond to statements not boldly
addressed to you?
Common guys….keep being headliners for good reasons just like you used to do
and put negativity behind you.
I want you both to simply pretend not to have read this, squash the beef and in
one accord produce a Grammy winning track for your fans.
Lastly, I must remind you both that crazy love from fans, awards, record and
endorsement deals ain’t made in abattoirs, as such “BEEF” can’t get you any of
them, so squash the beef and resume the cruise on progress lane.
#No Beef! Peace Out!!!

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