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I Don’t Flaunt My Wealth But There Is Nothing I Need That I Can’t Afford – Reminisce

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Reminisces famous fence1 I Don’t Flaunt My Wealth But There Is Nothing I Need That I Can’t Afford Reminisce
Indigenous rapper, Remilekun Shafaru popularly known as Reminisce speaks with JAYNE AUGOYE about his journey to fame
Indigenous rap, no doubt, is one of the most preferred music genres in Nigeria today and Remilekun Shafaru, better known as Reminisce, is one of the poster boys, alongside the likes of Olamide and Phyno, leading a thriving campaign to spread it across the globe.
Famous for his versatility and the street appeal of his songs, Reminisce was the only rapper from Africa mentioned in TIME Magazine’s recent ‘One of the seven world rappers you should meet’ list.
He earned this recognition a few months after he had dropped his second album titled, Alaga Ibile. Many music fans, who had always known him as a very reserved and under-celebrated rap artiste in the country, were practically speechless with surprise when the news was broken.
Even Reminisce himself learnt of this single honour while travelling to neighbouring Ghana by air.
He tells E-Punch, “I got to know about the listing by TIME magazine on my way to Ghana. I didn’t influence it. I only saw a statement posted on Twitter by the chief executive of Chocolate City, Audu Maikori.
I didn’t pay much attention to it and all the while, I wondered what business I had with the magazine. By the time my plane landed in Ghana, the congratulatory messages began to pour in. I don’t even follow those who sent them on Twitter. But, being the only African listed by Time Magazine is something else.”
For the light-skinned rapper, the road to stardom was fraught with challenges.
At one point, he was forced to leave home because his father wanted him to become a medical doctor.
Recounting his humble beginning and how frustration almost drove him to quit music, the 31-year-old Samsung brand Ambassador says, “It’s true that I almost quit music four months before my fortune improved. I became a star around late 2011, after I released Kako Bi Chicken.
The video of that song was released around the period that Nigerians were protesting against the removal of fuel subsidy. I had just become a father at that time and I realized that I couldn’t continue the same way.
“I almost quit music because I wasn’t making any money. You know, money controls the industry today, unlike the past when talent did.”
Reminisce owes his versatility in Yoruba to his father’s insistence that he must learn to speak the language. Often pitched against Olamide, the artiste, who studied Purchasing and Supply at the Kwara State Polytechnic, simply regards the latter as his ‘partner in progress.’
“Olamide and I have always complemented and supported each other’s career. We don’t see each other as rivals. We have been able to change the image of indigenous rappers and as sensible people, the only thing to do is to support each other and improve the genre. Only the fans can tell who is a better rapper. At the end of the day, the issue is not about who is better, but who is successful.”
The artiste, who once hawked second-hand clothes and shoes at the popular Yaba Market, Said
“I wrote the hit song, Don’t Touch my Body for late Goldie and was never credited. But, it is okay. There are many songs you write and don’t get credited for. I don’t really care about such things, neither do I like to complain or bear grudges. I don’t really want to reveal or speak about others.”
Reacting to the display of wealth by some of his colleagues on social media, he says, “I am a very reserved artiste. I am able to differentiate between Reminisce the artiste and Remi the family man.That is why I don’t promote luxury.
There is nothing I need that I can’t afford, but I am not going to show off on social media. When artistes do such a thing, they appear superficial and unapproachable to their fans. Instead, I simply invest in people.”
Reminisce notes that loyalty is one virtue that is absent in the global entertainment scene.
“One reason why I don’t have friends is because nobody is willing to see you take their spot. The moment you become a star, a lot of people will be unhappy. But they will smile with you,” he says.
Although the rapper, who was discovered alongside Jahbless, 9ice, Lord Of Ajasa and Olamide by ID Cabasa, was blessed with a second child early in the week, he appears to be in no hurry to walk down the aisle.
“Yes, we live together. But we have issues with commitment. I think we are not ready for marriage yet. We will formalize things when the right time comes. I am still planning my future because I am not going to be a musician forever. I will quit music, maybe after a decade. I hope to also study Political Science overseas because I want to go into politics (House of Representatives) at some point as well,”


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