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1 NABTEB GCE BIOLOGY PRACTICAL ANSWER on 5th November 2013, 12:46 pm


Section A.
Robert Hooke
Theodor schleiden
ii. 1.Protection- the skin protects the body against
entrance by microbes, mechanical injuries, ultra-
violet rays of the sunlight and desiccation by
acting as waterproof.
2. Excretion-the skin excretes excess water,
minerals salts and some nitrogenous wastes through the sweat glands as sweat
1. It involves prolonged response
2. It response to a particular stimulus may vary
iv. Tabulate the folowing
reflex action. 1. It occurs unconciousl.
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2 Re: NABTEB GCE BIOLOGY PRACTICAL ANSWER on 5th November 2013, 12:49 pm


2. Action is initiated by muscle receptor. Voluntary action.
1. It occurs conciously
2. Action initiated in the brain.
1. Cytoplasm
2. Plasma membrane vi)
1. Protandry
2. Protogyny
Advantage of pollination
1. It may not waste pollen grains 2. It aslo produces viable seeds
disadvantage of pollination
1. It may lead to wastage of pollen grains
especially pollination by wind
2. The offspring or individuals produced are less
adapted to the environments viii.)
Tabulate. Complete metamorphosis and
incomplete metamorphosis.
Complete metamorphosis.
I. Four stage of development are involved.
Ii. There is absence of nymph iii. There is no resemblance between pupa adult
iv. There is presence of pupa (resting stage)
incomplete Metamorphosis
i. Three stage of development are involed
ii. Nymph is present
iii. There is resemblance between nymph and adult
iv. There is absence of pupa (no resting stage)
1. Toad
2. Agama lizard
x) 1. Swelling up
2. Secretion of irritating liquid
3. Feigning death
4. Hiding
1. Fingerprints 2. Intelligence
3. Height of human
4. Tongue rolling
1. Through there voice(sound and contact)
2. Sh*cking of there head and feather (dancing) xiii)
1. Spoilage of food
2. Deterioration of materials
Advantages of self-fertilization
1. Breads with required characteristicsare produced
2. It leads to the productions of pure breeds
disadvantages of self fertilization
1. It leads to the production of weak offspring
2. It leads to inbreeding despression xv)
I. It lead to the production of healthier
2. Offspring or individuals produced are more
adapted to their environment conditions

3 Re: NABTEB GCE BIOLOGY PRACTICAL ANSWER on 5th November 2013, 12:54 pm


continuation from no3
-it occurs in plant while it occurs in red blood cell
-plant cell shrinks while red bloocell bursts
-it occurs in a hypertonic solution while it occurs in
hypotonic solution ci)
-state of matter
-molecular size
(a) movement of oxygen into the leaves through the stomata during respiration
(b)Gaseous exchange in mammals occurs in the lungs
during the respiration
NO(4ai) Hinge joint ii)
2-patella 3-synovial fluid
5-articular cartilage
iii)-Ball and socket joint -pivot joints
-scapula,pelvic girdle -skull,atlas
(b)-ligaments -tendons -capsule -articular artilage (ci)
ii)-collenchyma cells provide strenght and supports in young growing plant parts
-parenchyma stores food and water
-xylem provide support strenght and shape to the
(5a)i)Rattus rattus
ii)Musca domestica iii)Theobroma cacao
iv)Citrus xuarantium
(5b)- Algae=>Mosses=>Fern=>Flowering plant
-They are non vascular plant while they are v ascular
plant -They lack true roots stems and leaves while tyhey
have true roots stems and leaves.conlusion GOODLUCK↓↓↓

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