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SearchHow To Install Android Directly On Pc!and Dual Boot with windows (fixed!)

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I tried this first with my pc, installed but did not boot so
i tried it again with another pc. And it worked! hurry! im
happy but im not happy cos i wanted to give that pc to
my sis it resolution is lower than mine and it cant
run windows 8.
any let me skip the sad story. here is the deal. you
must know it will not work on pc e.g my own
and no need to worry about breaking any terms and
conditions because android is open source
plus its at you and ur computer own risk! but its totally
first download android disk image file. i have android 4.4
kit kat.
download here any version [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
also download Universal USB Installer here [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
get a flash drive or at least 1gb memory card and card
you must have at least 2 partition. and the other one
(the one you will use) must be free(empty) and must be
at most 32gb
if you dont know how to create and format partitions
well. its a long story. just Google it. but if ur the type
that gets thing(smart type) just search for partitions in
ur system u will see "create and format hard disk
partitions" windows 8 users would see it in settings
section of their search
format the partition in FAT32 format
now open Universal USB Installer
select Android from the drop down list in step 1. its in
the last group.
now step 2 select the android.iso file you downloaded.
step 3 select the flash or memory card you want to use.
now you can format the flash if you want. or rather if
there is enough space and you don't want to format it
you can go straight to creating no problem. simply tick
the box to format. me im not formatting mine.
then it bring out a box. click yes. then it begins!
CMD and 7z would open in the process.
when finish close. now restart your system! make sure
the flash is in!
your system will now Boot from the flash. if it doesn't
press f12 quickly when the system comes on and select
android dialog comes on. i recommend you run from live
cd without installation first to see if ur system would
work with it. mine does not boot. it gets to one stage
then restarts. but once ur system shows a silver
ANDROID. its booting and ur good to go.
u can always run from the flash in case u dont want to
install it
if ur system boots. then restart and install to hard disk
now select the free partition. Sda1 is c, Sda 2 is d Sda 3
is e and so on........
note: make sure when you opened create and format
hard disk partitions, the partitions were arranged
according to the letters. like the first partition bears c
the second d. if not, you can change it or rather just
know that the first one is sda1 and the second is sda2
and so on
then click Do not format
then it will ask do u want to install boot loader GRUB?
click yes
then it will see ur windows and say "the installer found
windows in partition /dev/sda1 do you want to create
boot item for windows?" click yes
then it will say do you want to install system directory
bla bla bla. click yes
then it will bring out create disk image click yes. it must
be a minimum of 512mb and max 2048me i put2048 mb.
but bear in mind that the bigger the value the longer
the time spent installing
then reboot and remove the flash or memory card.
congratulation. your system now dual boot windows and
android. mine is windows 7 and android 4.4
each time you start your system, it will give you an
option of windows or android . if it does not work
(if it boots into windows directly) install it again!
mine is working and i no have problems booting into my
windows 7.
if you have problems booting into windows......get the
installation disk, click repair computer. it might
automatically detect startup problems. cancel
immediately cos it not going to solve it. open command
prompt and type bootrec/fixboot and bootrec/
fixmbr then restart. it will boot directly into windows. if
u dont want the android you can format the partition

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