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Today's stroll, I would be breifing you on how to install
whatsapp messenger on tablets with no sim card.
You might be wondering if it's possible to get
whatsapp messenger installed on a tablet with no sim
card or calling facility. Of course is possible.
How to get it done...
1. Download the whatsapp messenger from Google
2. Open the whatsapp messenger, and your mobile
number would be requested in other to activate it.
3. Once you have typed in your mobile number and
click continue, you would recieve this note ¡��we
have sent an sms at your number, we will
automatically detect that and let you know when we
are done" . Then you would recieve an sms
verification on your mobile number you entered.
3. After 5mins, whatsapp robot would be unable to
detect the verification message sent because your sim
is not in your tablet, so they would apply another
option for verification.
This time, they would verify by call "verify by call".
Once you enter the option, then click on the call button
and you would recieve a call instantly. Simply pick it
and you would hear a voice telling you the verification
code to be used.
Note:The verification code would be spoken only 3-4
times, so quickly note it down and then proceed.
4. Then enter the verification code that was given to
you, and verify.
Kudos! The installation is completed.

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