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Windows 8.1 Update 1 now available for all Windows 8.1 users

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Windows 8, the most controversial OS release in the history of Microsoft, has been
getting its fixes to better accommodate the needs of desktop users, the dominant
platform that runs Windows. Under Steven Sinofsky, Windows 8 was supposedly to
inspire OEMs make better consumer hardware that supports touch in all forms, but the
Keyboard-mouse users who already had their expensive PCs upgraded to the
operating system, only to find it almost unusable with their current setup. This caused
a lot of backlash, which led to the Windows 8.1 update that saw the return of the start
button, a “Boot to desktop” option and various other enhancements to make desktop
users feel comfortable. The new Update 1 to Windows 8.1, which is deemed
“mandatory” for all users running Windows 8.1, introduces more enhancements to
better the mouse-keyboard experience that the majority longs for.
Some of the important Windows 8.1 features include -
Now pin full screen metro apps to the taskbar
Make the taskbar to pop up anywhere
Metro apps get a title bar and a close button
New search and power icons on the start screen
Right click menus for tiles
All these enhancements are for desktop users or generally users without a touch
screen, only. Because the touch screen functionality on Windows 8.1 remains
unchanged, as Microsoft feels the WinRT environment is clearly suited for touch. All
said, this is just going to be a build up towards the next update, which will apparently
enable the start menu and windowed metro apps, a bold showcase for the enterprise
market. Because it’s increasingly clear now that the enterprise is not touching
Windows 8 or 8.1, but the next update will make it more bearable for them, we
believe. The update is now available for all the Windows 8.1 users on Windows
Update, or you can use these links for a direct download of the Patch Tuesday files - download link: Download link: Download link:

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