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Blogging Mistakes That Can Kill Your Blog

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There are thousands of new bloggers coming up on a daily basis; most of them start make money, few out of passion and few to set up a career, but only few reach their goal and thousands of them fail due to lots of mistakes they failed to correct.

Bellow are mistakes you might be making unknowingly as a new blogger or and already running blog. This are just little out of lots of mistakes around..

1. Inconsistency Blog Posting

You can see i have been talking about this often and often, and you should now know what it should mean for me to be digging same hole..

Inconsistency in blogging can kill your blog in no time. It makes your readers to lose trust in you and your blog. It may also affect your blog rankings directly or indirectly.

If you can write/compose new blog post daily, then it will be better to write at least 3 posts weekly and make sure this goes consistently.

2. Lack Of interaction With Fellow Bloggers

Interacting with other bloggers helps to improve your blog performance. Being active in your niche network can bring you more opportunities. As explained in some of my previous posts You can Join bloggers community like, etc…

3. Underestimating SEO

SEO plays vital role for blog success, underestimating it is a big mistake which most of you don’t know.

This doesn’t mean that worthy content is of no use, if SEO increase your blog visibility, then content attracts visitors to your blog.
Usefull SEO Tips

Adding keyword to post title
Proper Keyword analysis
Improve your blog speed
Compressing of images before adding to blog post
Maintaining keyword density
Linking to related posts (internal linking)
Link Building i.e guest blogging, blog commenting etc…
4. Ignoring Visitors

Engaging with your visitors will help you understand what your users need.

Blog comments are the place where most of your visitors interact with blog owner, so its important to take time to respond to their queries.

You should be able to reply quickly when you are approached through email.

5. Being Everywhere

Is being everywhere over the web recommended?

No am not against going social but if you`re wasting time being on all social networking sites by checking status, sharing and not spending time on your blog. Then I don`t recommend being everywhere.

Select few top social networking sites in which you can get targeted visitors. Like if you are targeting Brazil then your must not ignore Orkut! So depending upon your niche try different but less social networking sites.

As said earlier, this is not all mistakes you might be making but this are few mistakes you should afford.

Do you have any other suggestions? Don’t hesitate to drop it through the comment box..

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