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1 GREAT BUSINESS TIPS on 6th May 2014, 4:00 pm


Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of
heart. Running a business can be
challenging, and it takes hard work and
perseverance to achieve a high level of
success. Whether you're already in
business, or looking to start a business, it pays to heed the advice of others who
have walked in your shoes.

Even when
you have
to lose, act
like you
don't I used to have
nothing to lose,
but now that I
have a lot to
lose, I have a
whole new perspective on this. Even after you've made it to the top,
you still have to act like you have nothing
to lose. And beware a man who has a
great deal to lose, but acts like he doesn't.
Regardless of the amount of money a
person has or the size of their company, or the amount of wealth they have—
those people that take action and risk
without the fear of failure are the ones
that will ultimately take market share.

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Seek and you shall find

There are thousands of clues and even
direct blueprints to how to make money if
you know where to look. Find a successful
company that is creating products or
services that you are interested in and
figure out HOW they are doing it. I use a process called reverse engineering to
isolate two important factors: Their traffic
and monetization. Where are they getting
people to see their products? How are
they converting them into buyers? If you
can answer these two questions with a systematic approach, you can start to
build a business around it immediately.

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Love what
you do

1) Choose
something that
is in line with
your own
interest and passion, then it
never seems
like work.

Don't be afraid
to fail.

3) It's
critical to spend the time early on to hire the right people.
If you are disciplined in finding the best
and brightest people who are also team
players then management is easy.

There is no substitute for talking directly to
customers. Whether they are happy or upset about something, it feels great to
connect with people who are using your
products, because you immediately get a
good sense for how to make it even

4 Re: GREAT BUSINESS TIPS on 6th May 2014, 4:18 pm


This is cool.kip it up bro

5 Re: GREAT BUSINESS TIPS on 6th May 2014, 4:21 pm


If u love what wat u do,I believe u will be happy everytime witot minding haters

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Don't letthem intimidate you out of your
1) Work harder than everyone else—I
may not be the most formally educated,
the most financially set up, or even the
smartest, but I will give them a run for
their money when it comes to ambition
and determination. It's a bit cliché, but I always remember this quote: "Always go
the extra mile, there's a lot less traffic up
2) Every expert was a newbie at
one point—don't let them intimidate you
out of your dream. Learn as much as you
can, as fast as you can.
3) Ethics do matter —I don't care what they say about "it's
just business," the world comes full circle.
Be competitive, but stay true to your
beliefs and principles. It always comes
back around eventually.

7 Re: GREAT BUSINESS TIPS on 6th May 2014, 9:54 pm


Be a thought leader

Based on my own experience,
it pays to be a
thought leader
in your own
industry. In today's world, it
is easy to
publish your
own information
videos), but the traditional media outlets still carry a lot of
weight. Get positive exposure and help
others by sharing your expertise. By
building up a following and strategic
partners, good things will happen. On a
side note, it pays to love what you do. Hard work and dedication can separate
success stories from those that do not
have their heart in it. As the old Confucius
quote goes, "Find something you love to
do and you will never have to work for
the rest of your life."

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Do you have any business tips? I'd love for
you to share them in the comments

9 Re: GREAT BUSINESS TIPS on 6th May 2014, 11:03 pm


Nice topic bro, but what type of business would u like to do because anyone U listed i will join hand

10 Re: GREAT BUSINESS TIPS on 6th May 2014, 11:10 pm


You see that might be great. But is good to do what you love not because someone is doing that. Though you can PM me your email address. Make sure you don't drop it in the forum

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