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Nabteb Question

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1 Nabteb Question on 27th May 2014, 10:31 am


Nabteb english
the dramatic event that put caprivi strip in
news was the rise of
the rebellious group who wanted political
the aim of the namibian exiles was the
demanding succession for the caprivi
the motives muyungo’s crusade is unclear
because he has only publicity
for his cause but not sympathy
“president Sam Nujona labelled the exiles as
traitors who should stand trial”
i)Adjectival clause
it qualifies the noun “armed men”
f)i) juts – sticks out
ii) motives – aims
iii)claimed – stated
iv)labelled – named
v) Crusade – cause
i)doomed – bound
ii) flawless – perfect
iii)prohitive -exorbitant
iv)predicted – determined
v)impermeable- unyielding
b)Cost of professional fees charge by
professionals is responsible for
building collapse substandard materials used
house owners cause
building collapse
-stages involved in building are often
circumvented by builders
c)structures are erected overnight to avoid
eagle-eyed or preying
eyes of the town planning men
d)high construction costs force house-
owners to
embark on cost-cutting measures
e)labourforce embark on fire-bridgade
to save their time
hence leading to shoding job.labour force
be dishonest in the
use of materials provided by the house
f) “A more relevant factor…”
i. Adjectival phrase
ii. It qualifies nouns
the fishing industry is faced with the
problem of
inadequate management.
The scond problem facing the industry is
insufficient preservation methods
supply of fishing equipmement is another
problem facing the industry
the introduction of mechanized fishing is one
the measures taken to
boost fish production.
Measures are also being taken establishing
three fishery terminals.
The provision of smoking kilns in high fish
production centres is another measure taken
boost fish production.
Put this at the top right-hand corner
Question 2
No 26 Dele hostel,, Grammar school,
26th may 2014
left side
The Principal grammar school,
As an old and outgoing student of this great
citadel,I feel highly elated and somehow happy
to inform this impressive gathering about the
good of this school, I Dele mathewson ,the
senior prefect of this school wish to state
categorically that the school in which you are
now( grammar school)is a great
school in which i witnessed many academic
progress in my life,
Furthermore,as in which you are present now is
academically rated number one (N0.1) in the
of nigeria which is quite commendable
Again, grammar school has been
save security wise in all its activies unlike in
some states where boko haram is taking it
toes.since the creation of the state,no girl has
been kidnapped neither a boy within the
premises this is a pointer to the fact that the
Student stayed outside throughout during hot
period to study or sleep without any lapse.
However to any good thing there must be a bad
one , this circumstance of
grammar school, I want to state categorically
clear that most of the school books in the
have been stolen by the students to curb this
inenance,the principal of the college should
take some belt-tightening measure to curb this
and hideous trend.
Finally the school teachers are found of selling
things in school (as trade) to earn more money
to their monthly income being given to them by
the lagos State government.
i shall be very grateful if my piece of
advice is taken seriously
Yours faithfully,
Dele mathewson
(senior prefect)
[Pls edit in the essay and insert ur school
of study nd edit dele mathewson wit ur real name]

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