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1 6 REASONS WHY MEN DO NOT ACCEPT CORRECTIONS on 30th June 2014, 4:13 pm


Hey ladies in the house, don’t know if you’ve experienced this bu it’s the
truth. It’s always annoying when we try our best to advice or correct our
guys/boyfriends when they are wrong or better still not admitting that
they are ever wrong but always claim to be right. Have you ever thought
why this is so?
Maybe because society deems them the head, so decision making is their
forte. Anyway I don’t think it’s a male thing. The environment we are in
gives a man lots of freedom and power to rule the family without providing
him enough limitations may if he goes astray yo welcome corrections.
1. It’s Nature but Love Conquers All
It is a natural feeling which grows to any male leave alone human beings
even male wild animals have that mentally thing that they are superior
over their females and its something we can’t plug it out of their systems.
But I tell you where there is love, there is correcting and is received with
both hands. It’s a natural phenomenon, never look at it with a gender
binoculars, they just don’t like been corrected. Change to them is like a
2. It’s not a Thing for Everyone
Yes. It doesn’t sound well at all! Today he corrected you and tomorrow you
are there you want to correct him. Oooh no, to him such imitations are an
bearable, he can’t stand that. It’s like you were putting him in a lookout so
that if he slightly wrongs you he meets your corrections, I tell you will be
only making noise to yourself, he will never welcome this. If everyone in
the world m*de it a habit to correct the other person then this world will
be unbearable to live in.
3. Men Think they are Always Right
It is because people (including men cheesy) usually trust their own
judgment and think they are right. The Man thinks he’s right. The GF/Wife
who is trying to correct the man also thinks she’s right. This is human
character, not man character. The man thinks he got more experience in
everything, he sees no reason why he should be corrected. Note that he
sometimes takes correction but would never admit that u m*de him
change. Don’t push it though, when you advise him and he doesn’t listen,
leave it that way. The wise ones always ponder on advices given.
4. What Other Word but EGO?
They think it is because they run the world. Nothing else can change them
only a fellow man. Not that they disrespect women but because of male
chauvinism, they feel they are men and should not be treated like the
other gender, they are men. Men rules baby, but as someone says, love
conquers all. ‘’ I always listen to the one I love but not when it’s f**king
time’’ some men have got ego and believe that.
5. The Way of Approach
The way you approach your man means a lot in a relationship. Understand
his psychology first.
Men think they are alpha male and lead, so are therefore always right
though it depends on the type of guy and the type of advice because
others don’t hate the advice but showing them how silly they are is what
they hate most.

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